A step-by-step guide, created by a polyglot PROFESSIONAL IN JAPANESE,
especially for you!
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A Step by step CUSTOM system, designed specially for you

1 on 1 Japanese coaching calls every week

We use the BEST materials and techniques designed to get you up to speed in your Japanese

Learn how to immerse and make Japanese a real PART of your life


Fluency in 6 languages and more than 20 years of experience with JAPAN to help you reach your dream!

You and I are probably very similar. Many years ago, I, a foreigner with no Japanese origin, started to study the language, because of a passion for the Japanese culture and a great desire to live in Japan someday. I believe this is the starting point you are currently at.

Conquering fluency in the Japanese language was not easy, however, luckily for you, you don’t have to go through the same difficulties I did.

Over the years, I got to know and tested different techniques, improved my study method, and today I’m here to help you achieve your dream of being fluent in Japanese, as soon as possible, creating a personalized step-by-step guide, according to your needs.

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1 on 1 Japanese coaching calls

This is THE MOST important part of the program. By having someone who has MASTERED the language and also helps others do this at your disposal, you can be sure that you are on the right path and not wasting your VALUABLE time. Many people that “teach” the language do not know how to master a language themselves, with my coaching, you can be certain that you are moving as fast as possible.

1 on 1 DM with me answering your questions

Our calls are just the START of our coaching.  There is so much information out there, and you don’t have time to waste looking for and trying to make sense of it all. A DM to your COACH, and you can be sure that you are moving forward confidently without wasting time.

I use the BEST materials designed to get you up to speed in your Japanese

Unfortunately, apps don’t work by themselves, because they are not part of a HOLISTIC SYSTEM. Japanese has so many moving parts, and trying to figure out how all of them work together, is a challenge in itself. As long as you use the RIGHT TOOLS and STRATEGIES along with a POWERFUL mindset, you can rest assured that you WILL MAKE PROGRESS.

Learn how to immerse and make Japanese a real PART of your life

Learning just by studying is no fun for anyone, that’s why we need to make Japanese a REAL part of your life. You will learn how to complement your coaching and studies with materials that YOU LOVE to keep you engaged in the language. Anime? Dramas? Music? Media that you enjoy? You bet!

A Step by step system

No more testing things or having fear or doubt about progressing in your language. With my Japanese coaching, you can be sure that EVERYDAY, you will be kept accountable and on the path to move forward in your evolution in the language.

Who is Adan Sensei?

I am a Life, Language and Learning coach and I am passionate about about helping people achieve their dreams in their life and in their languages. I speak 6 languages at an advanced level, and I’m actively studying another 6! You can see my progress in them on my YouTube channel where I film these videos weekly!

I’m also very passionate about using NLP, Neuroscience and staying up to date on the latest science in the Self Help and Personal development world to help you achieve the best version of yourself, in languages and in life.

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