experience with asia for over 20 years

Hey, I’m Adan and I’m passionate about languages, self-development, and growth. I was born in a small town in Mexico, and by leveraging the power of the internet and my obsession for Japan, acquired a fluent level of Japanese in a short period of time.
Later, this obsession with learning, languages, travel and constant and never ending improvement, has taken me on many adventures all over the world.


Now, I am passionate about helping others achieve the same. I truly believe that with the right tools and mindset, you can achieve similar results in a fraction of the time.

Adan Sensei

fields of expertise

Here is a bit of background on me:
  • English/Spanish native with experience in 10 languages+ at different levels of fluency. My favorites are Japanese, Korean and Chinese and Cantonese.
  • I have worked in the Japanese IT industry for over 12+ years, using full business Japanese. I’m certified in the Japanese JLPT at level 1 and the 漢字検定 Kanken at lv. 3.
  • I’m passionate about learning how to learn (meta-learning) and personal development. I truly believe that ANYONE with the right mindset, attitude and massive action can achieve great things.

  • I have done hundreds of language exchanges online with people from all over the world in over 10 languages. I’m particularly passionate about overcoming fears in speaking. My favorite tool is the “timed language exchange”. 

  • Languages I handle at different levels of fluency
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Japanese and Kansai Dialect 
    • Korean and Busan Dialect
    • Chinese
    • Cantonese
    • French
    • Italian
    • Portuguese
    • German

  • Other interests
    • Travel
    • NLP and Psychology
    • Business and entrepreneurship
    • Personal development and growth
    • Fitness, Dance, Hip hop and Martial Arts


to inspire and empower you with what possible,and  to share with you the best tools and mindsets on language, learning and self development so that you can achieve your dreams faster than you ever thought possible.


people will use language as a means to grow, broaden their horizons about the world and learn to adapt the mindset of constant and never improvement